According To CCTV Footage, Seungri Was With An Actress During His Alleged Gang Related Incident

His defense claims the gang members were bodyguards.

On February 26th, former BIGBANG member, Seungri attended his 11th trial for his involvement in the Burning Sun Scandal.

Seungri | The Straits Times

On this day, prosecution presented CCTV footage that allegedly shows Seungri in a private room with an actress. According to the footage, Seungri can be seen conversing with the actress when the alleged victim, Mr. A enters the private room and greets the former BIGBANG member. Afterwards, Seungri can be seen talking with Mr. B in the hallway, just moments before Jung Joon YoungChoi Jong Hoon and Yoo In Suk appears.

Singer Jung Joon Young | CNN

The next CCTV footage shows a back alleyway, where numerous cars proceeded to pull up. The prosecution shared with the court that the vehicles in question belonged to members of a gang. According to the prosecution, the footage clearly shows evidence of Seungri’s relationship with the alleged gang members, as he can be seen conversing with them as they exited their vehicles. Seungri’s defense denied all the allegations and stated that,

The club was a regular spot for Seungri. He was with an actress in a private room when Mr. A, whom Seungri does not know entered the room. Mr. A was inebriated and kept looking at the actress that was with Seungri. Seungri felt uncomfortable with the situation, but tried to joke it off with Mr. A.

— Seungri’s Defense

The defense continued to share with the court that the alleged gang members were the club’s bodyguards.

The prosecution alleges that the members present were affiliated with a gang, but they were the club owner’s bodyguards.

— Seungri’s Defense

| ABC News

In the CCTV footage, Seungri can also be seen allegedly fidgeting with his phone. The prosecution presented this evidence and argued that this was when the former BIGBANG contacted former Yuri Holdings CEO, Yoo In Suk. Seungri’s defense denied this allegation as well, stating that the fidgeting was nothing more than fidgeting.

He didn’t touch his phone to contact someone. He unconsciously touched it.

— Seungri’s Defense

Meanwhile, Jung Joon Young, who is a member of the Burning Sun chatroom attended Seungri’s 11th trial as a witness.

Source: Hankyung and The Straits Times
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