Cha Hyun Seung Believes He Would Have Chosen An Yea Won If He Was On “Single’s Inferno” From The Start

Things could have been A LOT different.

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Viewers of Netflix‘s Korean reality dating show Single’s Inferno have absolutely fallen in love with the cast, especially An Yea Won and Cha Hyun Seung.

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So, many were overjoyed when the two appeared to hit it off in Episode 6. Their on-screen chemistry was undeniable. They seemed like a match made in Heaven (well… we mean Inferno).

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We couldn’t have been more shocked when Hyun Seung ended up choosing Song Ji A instead for both his Paradise date and in the finale. And, it turns out we weren’t the only ones disappointed. Even his friends and co-workers have expressed their frustrations to him. This includes BTOB‘s Peniel!

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Yea Won herself had mixed feelings and previously said she expected him not to pick her. Now that the two have finally met up for a new Q&A on his YouTube channel Cha hyun Seung 차현승TV.

This allowed talking things out after everything. It turned out they both didn’t realize that the other was interested in each other! So, he said that he regrets not talking more.

I also thought you might not be interested in me. For me, I saw you with Jun Sik that one time.

— Cha Hyun Seung

This provoked Yea Won to ask if there was anything else he found disappointing during his time on Single’s Inferno. From there, he explained that being there such a short time made everything more difficult as the majority of the cast had already been there a few days.

An Yea Won: Is that the only thing that was disappointing?

Cha Hyun Seung: Yeah, it sucked that I didn’t get to talk to people as much as I would’ve liked. And… well, it really sucked that I joined late.

An Yea Won: Ah, you’re right. You only had three days?

Cha Hyun Seung: Three to four days.

Hyun Seung explained that being there a much shorter time made it hard to connect with others. In fact, he and the two girls who arrived later in the series were some of the few contestants who didn’t leave with a significant other.

It was too short for me… The time was too short for me to express something. It felt like it was over without even starting.

— Cha Hyun Seung

Like the rest of us, Yea Won wondered if the show would have played out differently if Hyung Seung had been part of the cast since day 1. So, she asked, “What if you had more time? Would you have tried to get to know me more?” 

Hyun Seung replied, “Yeah, I think I probably would have.” And, he dropped a shocking truth in revealing that he believes that he would have chosen Yea Won if he had been on Single’s Inferno from the beginning!

When I first saw the show, there was voting and playing games. If I had done that, I would have chosen you…

— Cha Hyun Seung

From the Q&A, viewers could tell he clearly has some regrets still to this day. And, it isn’t easy to look back, knowing there’s nothing one can do about it.

But there’s nothing we can do. I came in late… In the end, it’s my fault.

— Cha Hyun Seung

Not only did Hyun Seung join the Single’s Inferno cast much later than most, but he even shared that he almost didn’t join the show at all. Sunmi and BTOB‘s Changsub had to convince him.

Yea Won teased Hyun Seung for joining late. And he continued to apologize.

An Yea Won: (Laughs) You should apologize for joining so late.

Cha Hyun Seung: (Patting her shoulder) I’m sorry. I’m sorry I got there late.

Despite missing his shot with her on Single’s Inferno, he has communicated that he’s still interested in her. Especially considering she and Kim Jun Sik aren’t in a relationship currently, it seems like he may have a fair shot after all. Read more below:

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Watch the full Q&A below:

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