“Single’s Inferno” Contestant An Yea Won Spills The Tea On Whether She Is Still With Kim Jun Sik

Did everyone’s OTP have their happy ending?

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Last year, Netflix chose to capitalize on the success of the Korean show Squid Game and released a series of shows on the platform. In particular, one show that has received love is the reality dating series called Single’s Inferno. 

During the series, single and very attractive Koreans were all trying to find love on a secluded island.

The “Single’s Inferno” poster | Netflix

At the end of the series, each contestant had to choose whether they would leave the island with someone else or alone. One couple who immediately captured the hearts of netizens, despite their lack of screen time, was An Yea Won and Kim Jun Sik!

Kim Jun Sik (left) An Yea Won (right) | Netflix

From the very beginning, they captured the hearts of viewers with their sweet and unproblematic personalities. Never one to cause drama and always there to listen to others, both Yea Won and Jun Sik seemed perfectly suited to each other.

| Netflix

Even at the end, when Yea Won seemed attracted to fellow contestants and viral backup dancer Hyun Seung, she chose Jun Sik in the end… even if she worried him for a few seconds…

| Netflix

Of course, now that the series has finished, viewers only have one thing on their mind: who stayed together? In an interview, the producer Kim Jae Won seemed to drop hints by explaining that it was up to the contestants to say what had happened after the show.

And it seems as if Yea Won is the first to update fans after she posted a collaboration video with Hyun Seung talking all about the show!

Before she sat down with her fellow contestant and showcased some hot chemistry, Yea Won answered some questions by herself on the whole experience of the show.

As expected, like the rest of the world, one viewer asked what the current situation with Jun Sik was.

Yea Won started by explaining how different it was for the contestants after they left the island.

After the filming was done, we came back to our normal lives, and I had a lot of things to work on because I wasn’t able to do my work for nine days. So, I was really busy figuring those stuff out.

— Yea Won

She then added that it was a similar issue for Jun Sik and that they both needed time to sort things out at home, which was also the exact same thing for the other contestants who all have professions outside of television.

After hearing this, it seemed as if the answer to fans’ long-awaited question was finally answered, even if it wasn’t the response everyone wanted.

The situation wasn’t like where I could meet him after my work and stuff. We did meet up a few times and kept each other updated, so we decided to stay good friends.

— Yea Won

Even though this is sad news, the duo has stuck to their word and has definitely gone from #relationshipgoals to #friendshipgoals. They even flirted over some strawberries

| @yeah.w__/Instagram

After Yea Won posted a stunning picture, Jun Sik made a poem in which you use the word’s letters to start the line (like acronym mnemonics), inspired by ddal-gi (strawberry).

His comment reads, “Here’s goes my acronym poem for ddal-gi (strawberry). Ddal-gis are…G-reat!” or basically, “Here’s goes my poem for Straw-Berry. Straw-berries are Berry-good!” 

| @yeah.w__/Instagram

Yea Won didn’t feel the same as netizens did and teased Jun Sik by saying that he wouldn’t be going on a date for the next couple of days…

Oppa, that wasn’t funny at all so you will be banned from going on a walk with the date of your choice for 2 days.

— Yea Won

| @yeah.w__/Instagram

Even though one OTP (one true pairing) has been confirmed to be no more, the chemistry Yea Won had with Hyun Seung in the video is undeniable. Hopefully, something happens there, and fans might forgive him for not picking her in the first place!

You can watch the whole video below.

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