“Single’s Inferno” Has Finally Finished, And Here’s All The Tea From The Finale

Did your favorites get their happy ending?

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After the success of Netflix‘s Squid Game, fans have become obsessed with Korean shows. The most recent show gaining attention worldwide is the reality show Single’s Inferno. 

The series follows a group of single Koreans looking for love and is similar to the idea of Love Island, which is popular in Western countries. After weeks of following the couples and their journeys, the series finally ended!

The “Single’s Inferno” poster | Netflix

Throughout the episodes, netizens have become attached to the contestants who have become celebrities in their own right. Although many were known, such as Song Ji A and viral backing dancer Cha Hyun Seung, there was also the rise of Kang So Yeon and Kim Hyeon Joong, who also have a history in the K-Pop industry.

The first meeting of the contestants | Netflix

The finale recently aired. It was time for all the contestants to have their final dates before choosing whether they wanted to leave the island with someone! So Yeon and Jin Taek got very comfortable on their date, while the couples of Moon Se Hoon and Shin Ji Yeon and Ji A and Hyun Seong got to know each other more.

Jin Taek and So Yeon on their final date in “Paradise” | Netflix

When it came to the final choice, all the female contestants were on the beach, and it was up to the male contestants to pick who they wanted to couple up with. The catch was that the final decision lay with the girls and, after seeing who wanted to be with them, could choose whether to leave the island alone or with someone…

Kim Jun Sik was the first one to pick. Although he hasn’t had much airtime as netizens wanted, his decision was quite obvious as he’d had a spark An Yeo Won, another fan favorite who didn’t get the screen time she deserved.

Jun Sik and Yeo Won have always had chemistry | Netflix

Luckily, even when Yeo Won had second thoughts after meeting Hyun Seung, she chose to leave with Jun Sik. However, she stayed humorous until the end, teasing him…

| Netflix 

The second contestant was Hyeon Joong. Since the start, he always had a soft spot for Ji A. So, it wasn’t surprising when he picked the viral sensation. Yet, if he thought his happy ending would be easy, it definitely wasn’t as Hyun Seung and Choi Si Hun also picked Ji A.

Ji A was chosen by three male contestants | Netflix

After their speeches, Ji A had to make her choice, and it almost seemed impossible to pick between three very handsome but very different men. In the end, despite fate bringing her and Hyung Seung together, she chose the “Puppy” Hyeon Joong, and the two went off hand in hand.

| Netflix
| Netflix   

Se Hoon is a contestant who has had a tough journey and has even been accused of “Creepy behavior.” He initially fell for Ji Yeon but continued trying with her despite being consistently turned down.

The two have grown closer in the past few episodes, especially after Se Hoon shared his true feelings. So, it wasn’t surprising that he chose Jiyeon at the end, even when netizens believed he was picking one of the new girls.

Se Hoon has always chosen Jiyeon | Netflix

What surprised fans the most was that Ji Yeon actually chose to leave the island with Se Hoon after everything. Many netizens were unsure about the choice and worried that it would fail. Yet, only time will tell whether all of Se Hoon’s perseverance actually paid off.

| Netflix

Jin Taek was next, and it was one of the most obvious choices after their steamy last date. He went straight for So Yeon and, after their crazy journey, it showed that everything was worth it, despite netizens’ concerns about Jin Taek and his commitment issues.

| Netflix 

Of course, So Yeon left the island with Jin Taek. The two made a very attractive couple. Considering the rumors and proof that the two are still dating in real life, it seems as if their connection on the island is still strong.

| Netflix

With all the pairs chosen, it was unfortunate that neither of the new girls, Kim Su Min and Seong Min Ji, had the chance to find love. It may have been a case of bad luck coming to the island after connections had been formed. It was a similar story for Hyun Seong, but many were shocked that Si Hun was unable to find love either.

Considering how attractive they all are, they will no doubt find love in the real world, and as the show was filmed a while ago, it might have already happened. In particular, Hyun Seung has gained attention after netizens found evidence he might be dating Yeo Won.

| Netflix

As the show has finished, netizens hope to have updates from all the stars. Also, with the huge success and popularity, maybe another series could be on the cards.

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