We Have Hope For Our “Single’s Inferno” Ship An Yea Won And Cha Hyun Seung—Here’s Evidence They Might Be Dating IRL

Don’t lose hope just yet!

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Netflix‘s Single’s Inferno has become all of our guilty pleasure since its premiere on December 18, 2021.

“Single’s Inferno” poster | Netflix

The Korean reality dating show follows a similar concept to other hit series such as Love Island and Too Hot to HandleSingle’s Inferno follows a group of sexy and single Koreans who are learning to survive (and love) on a deserted island, referred to as “Inferno.” Being given only the bare necessities provides them the opportunity to focus on building connections with each other.

From left: Oh Jin Taek, Kang So Yeon, Kim Hyeon Joong, Choi Si Jun, Shin Ji Yeon, Kim Jun Sik, An Yea Won, Moon Se Hoon, and Song Ji A. | Netflix

If a man and woman reciprocate feelings, they will escape to a luxury hotel room called “Paradise” together where they can better get to know each other.

An Yea Won (left) and Kim Jun Sik (right) | Netflix

Of all the contestants, An Yea Won has been a fan-favorite since the beginning along with Kang Se Yeon. Nevertheless, Yea Won especially has gone underappreciated on the island.

She is one of few women that have yet to be seriously pursued on the show. However, since the start of the show, there’s been one man she was personally interested in: Kim Jun Sik.

Jun Sik (left) and Yea Won (right) in Episode 1 | Netflix

So, when she was left on the deserted island after not matching with anyone, it was technically not the worst possible scenario as one of the two men she was left with was none other than Jun Sik. So, this time gave them an opportunity to truly bond free from distractions.

Yea Won (left) and Jun Sik (right) | Netflix

They quickly hit it off after that. So, when it was time to match up again and head to Paradise, these two finally prevailed in making it off the island!

Jun Sik (left) and Yea Won (right) | Netflix

Since then, all has seemed well for this couple until a new man came along to spice things up…

Cha Hyun Seung | Netflix

With the introduction of Cha Hyun Seung, every woman has low-key been interested in him. We can’t blame them.

The women contestants talking about Hyun Seung | Netflix

One woman seemed to have successfully captured Hyun Seung’s eye, and it was the lovely Yea Won. And, we were all so happy that she was finally getting the love and attention she deserves on the show!

| @diorpopstar/Twitter
| @dkdltk/Twitter

After so long of no one else pursuing Yea Won, Jun Sik surely had not expected another man coming in and falling for her too.

Hyun Seung talking about Yea Won | Netflix
Jun Sik listening to Hyun Seung | Netflix

That wasn’t the only plot twist in Episode 6 of Single’s Inferno.

Viewers couldn’t have been more shocked when Hyun Seung chose Song Ji A to go to Paradise just after telling everyone he was charmed by Yea Won.

This truly devastated fans of the show.

Don’t worry, though. There’s still hope for this ship!

Hyun Seung (left) and Yea Won (right) | Netflix

We wanted to give the man the benefit of the doubt, though. Maybe Hyun Seung was just too nervous and chose to go with the contestant he knew already. Earlier, he and Jia A had explained that they knew each other before Single’s Inferno but hadn’t officially met yet.

Ji A reacting to Hyun Seung’s arrival | Netflix

The events of the finale surely didn’t help, though…  Don’t worry, though. We have some hopeful news. TikTok user @dystopiainhereyes shared some evidence from looking through the two contestants’ Instagram accounts that seem to prove that they are in a relationship.


Of course, we’ve all been following our favorite contestants since the show premiered. And, well, it turns out that they’re following each other too. Yea Won has been consistently “liking” Hyun Seung’s posts, proving she has good feelings towards him.

| @502bright/Instagram
| @502bright/Instagram
| @502bright/Instagram

Perhaps, the most obvious example of all that seems to prove these two are seeing each other is based on two separate posts. On August 25, 2021, which we can assume is after filming for Single’s Inferno as the show takes place in the summer, Hyun Seung shared a post from when he went wakesurfing with his friends from BTOB.

You know who else went wakesurfing? Yea Won.

Just five days before Hyun Seung’s post, she shared that she went wakesurfing. Not only that, but Hyun Seung liked the post.

| @yeah.w__/Instagram

Additionally, if you look at Yea Won’s post, you’ll notice a man’s hand appear during one of the videos. Look familiar?

| @yeah.w__/Instagram

It greatly resembles Hyun Seung’s hand. The fingers look the same, and the hands have an identical dent under the thumb.

Besides, these two both expressed their love for watersports during the show. So, we can totally believe these two would go wakesurfing together!

Hyun Seung (left) and Yea Won (right) | Netflix

Now that the finale has been released, we see that in the end, Hyun Seung did ultimately choose Ji A, and Jun Sik and Yea Won matched together and left the island together. Still, the filming was months ago, and a lot can change during this much time. So, who do you think Yea Won is actually seeing IRL?

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Source: @dystopiainhereyes

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