Figure Skater Cha Jun Hwan To Reunite With Actress Jin Ji Hee On “Running Man”

We can’t wait!

It’s been over 10 years since figure skating reality show Kim Yuna’s Kiss And Cry aired but fans still can’t get over this adorable pair. Olympic figure skater Cha Jun Hwan and Penthouse actress Jin Ji Hee were once the maknae duo on the show. They were both in elementary school when the show aired. As Cha Jun Hwan’s popularity rose after the 2022 Beijing Olympics, his appearance went viral.

The two had a virtual reunion on MMTG thanks to a MC JaeJae surprising him with a phone call with the actress.

While that moment was cute enough, fans are in for a treat. The two is set to appear on Running Man together! On February 25, 2022, it was confirmed through Star News that they will be recording for the show together on February 28, 2022. It will be the first time in 11 years that the pair will meet in person.

Back then, he was only 10 and she was 12. Currently, she’s 23 years old while he’s 21. Fans are excited to see how the two will interact after so much time!


Source: Star News

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