Figure Skater Cha Jun Hwan Explains Why He Lost Contact With Actress Jin Ji Hee

They reunited through a sweet phone call.

Cha Jun Hwan is the recent hot topic in South Korea after he stole hearts with his routines in the 2022 Beijing Olympics. He was nicknamed the Prince of figure skating thanks to his idol-like visuals and graceful skills. A video from his elementary school days went viral as his popularity rose.

Cha Jun Hwan had appeared in Kim Yuna’s Kiss and Cry, an ice skating survival show that paired figure skaters with celebrities. He had been partnered with child actress Jin Ji Hee, who later grew up to star in hit K-Drama Penthouse.

The two went viral for their adorableness as children, and also for how Cha Jun Hwan drilled Jin Ji Hee in skating. He would glare at her like this during trainings.

Of course, they also had cute moments like this one when Jin Ji Hee fell down and he took care of her.

As the video went viral…

…MC JaeJae just had to ask him about it during an episode of MMTG. Cha Jun Hwan claimed that they exchanged phone numbers after the show, but he soon lost her number when he broke his phone. He has never changed his phone number since, so it was pretty much on Jin Ji Hee to have reached out, according to him!

JaeJae surprised Cha Jun Hwan with a call from Jin Ji Hee. The actress refuted his claims and mentioned she didn’t have his number to begin with!

While whatever went down back then will forever remain a mystery, at least the two got to reunite for a moment through the show! We’d love to see the two get together in person for a catch-up! Check out the cute interaction below.

Cha Jun Hwan