ITZY’s Chaeryeong Is A Successful Fan After Girls’ Generation’s Yuri Compliments Her In A Sweet Message

I don’t think there’s a more successful fan than Chaeryeong!

Many 4th generation idols are fans of idols that have debuted before them, often citing them as why they pursued joining the entertainment industry. Fans of ITZY‘s Chaeryeong know her to be a huge fan of girl groups, with her fangirling the most over Girls’ Generation!

ITZY’s Chaeryeong.
Chaeryeong showing off her Girls’ Generation lightstick. | Dear U

Chaeryeong established her status as a massive SONE during an interview where she was asked the question “When was the moment your heart beat for the first time?”.  She didn’t describe love for her family or a crush. Instead, she stated, “When Girls’ Generation-sunbaenim debuted — at that moment, I fell in love.

Fans have shared videos of Chaeryeong dancing to Girls’ Generation as a child and the many moments where she’s been able to meet and interact with the group in person after her debut. In particular, her interactions with Taeyeon and Yoona (who Chaeryeong calls her “goddess-nim“) have left many aw-ing at her reactions.

Girls’ Generation recently released their first group album in over five years, and it is easy to imagine how excited Chaeryeong must have been to hear the news. So excited in fact, she recently shared that the new album was the first album she’s bought after making money and showed off her album photocard pull!

Chaeryeong showing off the photocard she pulled from her album. | Dear U
| Dear U

Just a day after Chaeryeong shared her purchase, Girls’ Generation’s Yuri unexpectedly responded! She said that she saw the update about Chaeryeong buying the album and had nothing but praise to give to the ITZY member. She even quoted lyrics from the group’s song “Dalla Dalla.“!

Girls’ Generation’s Yuri | @yulyulk/Instagram


“I saw the bubble of ITZY Chaeryeong buying the album.  So cute and lovely, a good dancer and even has a good sense and also a sone…. as expected shes ‘different’ (reference ITZY Dalla Dalla”

— Girls’ Generation’s Yuri

Chaeryeong is likely over the moon after being a successful fan yet again! Hopefully, she will be able to see Girls’ Generation in person soon and continue to express her love for the group!