Filipina-Argentinian Lapillus Member Chanty Spills On Her K-Pop Inspirations, Including Her Love For BTS

The Lapillus member is a true K-Pop stan!

comes to some of the hottest debuting girl groups, one that has gained attention for a long time is the new MLD Entertainment group Lapillus. Since debuting, the members have all gained attention for their visuals, talent, and global outreach with the members.

Members of Lapillus | @offclLapillus/Twitter

As soon as the members started being introduced, one person who caught the attention of fans is Filipina-Argentinian Chanty.

Although most of the members are fairly unknown, Chanty was already well known as an actress and model. Chanty was born in December 2002 in the Philippines, and her real name is Chantal Videla.

Member of Lapillus Chanty | @offclLapillus/Twitter

From the minute she was announced and netizens started finding more out about the idol, Chanty proved that he was always meant to be a star with her dazzling visuals and undeniable talent.

| @itsmaria.chantal/Instagram
| @itsmaria.chantal/Instagram

After debuting, the group held a showcase where the members performed for the first time but also answered questions from the press and fans. As expected, for someone who isn’t Korean, one of the first questions Chanty was asked was how she decided that she wanted to become a K-Pop idol.

Chanty revealed that K-Pop and K-Dramas are extremely popular in the Philippines and her particular love for the group BTS.

I became an actual K-Pop fan because of BTS sunbaenim. They [were] a big factor of how I wanted to become a K-Pop star ’cause seeing them perform, dancing, singing, all that, I was like, ‘That’s so cool.’

— Chanty

Members of BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Yet, it isn’t surprising that Chanty shared this information as even before she debuted, there is a lot of content on the internet showcasing the idol’s ARMY status.

In a video on YouTube, Chanty appeared with a friend and they were showing off their BTS merch, and hers included a Cooky and Tata plushy, along with a lot of other merch that is making a lot of ARMYs very jealous.

| Star Magic/YouTube
| Star Magic/YouTube   

Chanty has also posted videos of herself singing BTS songs like “Dynamite” and “Spring Day” and the tracks truly showcased her vocals.

Yet, it isn’t just BTS who Chanty shared her admiration for. As a member of the newest K-Pop girl group, it isn’t surprising that other female idols are true inspirations as well. In particular, during the showcase, Chanty couldn’t stop praising the performances of BLACKPINK, 2NE1, and IU.

They all have different styles but because of that, their stages, their facial expressions, everything, and the message they’re sending to the world, I loved it so much and I wanted to be part of such great work.

— Chanty

Members of BLACKPINK | @BLACKPINK/Twitter

In an exclusive interview, Chanty revealed that it was BTS and BLACKPINK’s performances that helped her discover her dream to be an idol.

They were ones of the first groups that caught my attention and that’s when I kinda, like, I was fascinated by their performance, their stages. That’s when I started to have this wild dream of becoming a K-pop idol.

— Chanty

By looking at the idols that have inspired Chanty, it isn’t surprising to see why she is already so loved by K-Pop fans. Whenever she appears on stage or in videos, she instantly lights up the stage.

| MLD Entertainment/YouTube

Chanty might have revealed her inspirations in K-Pop, but there will definitely be many aspiring idols who will look up to her in the future. Hopefully, Chanty will get to meet some of her senior artists soon and complete her successful fangirl agenda.

You can read more about Chanty below.

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Source: GMA Network and Metro Style

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