Charlie Puth And BTS’s Jungkook Sounded So Much Alike While Recording “Left And Right” That Even BIGHIT MUSIC Staff Couldn’t Tell Them Apart

They complement each other so well!

American singer-songwriter Charlie Puth and BTS‘s Jungkook have been vocal fans of each other’s music for years.

BTS’s Jungkook (first clip) and RM (second slip).

They have similar styles and tastes in music. So, naturally, they hit it off when they met!

Jungkook and Charlie Puth waving to each other.

So, after Jungkook covered Puth’s hit song “We Don’t Talk Anymore,” they ended up collaborating for a live performance of it at the 2018 MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards.

BTS’s Jungkook (left) and Charlie Puth (right) at 2018 MGA.

Now, years later, they have officially collaborated with the anticipated single “Left and Right,” and it’s even more amazing than we could have ever dreamt.

| @charlieputh/Twitter

In interviews, Charlie Puth can’t stop gushing about Jungkook. So, if it wasn’t already obvious from their undeniable chemistry in the MV and behind-the-scenes clips, it’s clear they’re really great friends IRL!

| Charlie Puth/YouTube

Now, it appears that they may be even more alike than we imagined.

In an interview with Ethan Cole for Atlanta’s Power 96.1, Charlie Puth continually sang Jungkook and BTS’s praises.

I’m super pleasured to have him on this record with me.

— Charlie Puth

Puth added that he feels that Jungkook and his voices complement each other well. So, the collaboration felt natural.

I feel like we complement each other’s voices really, really well.

— Charlie Puth

Yet, the reason why their voices complement each other so well may be due to similarities. Charlie Puth shared a story about how when he would send the versions of the song to BIGHIT MUSIC‘s staff that they struggled to differentiate the two singer’s voices.

There was a point where because we had to, you know, I had to like send a couple of versions over to his team to see what they thought, if they wanted any changes and, I think, at one point, they were like, ‘Their voices sound so similar. Like is he singing the second verse?’ Yeah, that’s him singing.

— Charlie Puth

That would certainly explain why their harmonies are so phenomenal! And, of course, we know now that the song turned out absolutely perfect.

It ended up sounding great, though. We do a little harmony. We go from the left and the right speaker. …I’m very pleased with it.

— Charlie Puth

You can watch the full interview below:

Source: Charlie Puth Daily Updates

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