Chase Atlantic Shocks Fans By Revealing They Never Heard Back From Stray Kids After Messaging To Collaborate

Fans still hope that we’ll get a collab.

Fans have long anticipated a collab between Stray Kids and Chase Atlantic, an Australian alternative R&B band and production trio.

Stray Kids
Chase Atlantic | @chaseatlantic/Instagram

It started when Bang Chan gave a shoutout to his fellow Aussies during episode 114 of Chan’s Room. He introduced their song “Slow Down” by saying that it was “a really good song” and “I heard they’re Australian too, which means I have to play it because fellow Australians are our mates…”

It was actually pretty recent that I got to know the band, which is a little… I find disappointing in myself because I should’ve known them better because they’re an Australian band. …So, I got to know them, and I listened to most of their music, and I actually really, really like the vibes that they go with, so I wanted to recommend a few songs…

— Bang Chan

After the live broadcast, STAYs took to Twitter to inform Chase Atlantic. After seeing STAYs’ tags, the members respondedChristian Anthony was the first to tweet, sending love to Bang Chan, inviting him to collaborate. Shortly after, Mitchel Cave responded by quote-tweeting Christian’s tweet, agreeing, “lesss do it.”

Fans of the two groups were hopeful that we’d finally get that collab. Yet, it’s been two years already. Now, Chase Atlantic has provided an unexpected update.

Recently, at a Chase Atlantic concert, a fan asked if they would collaborate with Stray Kids. Christian remembered that one of the Australian members had played their music, and after, he had attempted to contact them with no luck.

One of the guys who is Australian was playing our music, right? I sent them a message, but they never reached out.

— Christian


OH MY GOD #straykids #skz #chaseatlantic

♬ original sound – 황현진꺼입니다-

Christian said that if Stray Kids were ever to reach out, they would love to collaborate. But he believes it would benefit Chase Atlantic more than Stray Kids.

If they were to ever reach out, I’d love to collab. Honestly, it benefits us so much more. They’re a huge band. So, it’s kind of up to them, but it was cool that they were… They played ‘Slow Down,’ right?

— Christian


jyp turned down CHASE ATLANTIC’S.. #straykids #skz #chaseatlantic

♬ original sound – 황현진꺼입니다-

The video went viral with over 1M views as STAYs expressed their disappointment in JYP Entertainment not responding to Chase Atlantic. They are still wishing for the collab.

| @_hyunjinsbf/TikTok

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Chase Atlantic Teases A Future Collab After Fellow Aussie Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Plays Their Music On “Chan’s Room”

Source: _hyunjinsbf

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