Chat Logs Reveal How Cho Joo Bin Would Try To Trick Users Into Thinking He Had Idol Nudes

He did it all for money.

Chat logs released by Dispatch showed how Cho Joo Bin would try to trick users into think he had more idol nudes than he actually did.

According to an exclusive report from Dispatch, Cho Joo Bin told users in his Telegram Nth Rooms that he also operates a “private detective agency”, where he gets personal information about celebrities. When asked about it, Cho Joo Bin would openly reveal information about various celebrities.

Girl Group member A’s identification number is XXXXXX-XXXXXX.

TV personality B’s address is Seoul, X-gu, X-dong, XX apartnment.

Here is the location of idol member C. If you wait there, you can see her.

— Cho Joo Bin

The members of his chat rooms went wild at the reveal of all of the personal information. They then asked about his favorite celebrity.

User: What about D’s naked pictures?

Cho Joo Bin: I have some of her.

However, Cho Joo Bin’s chat rooms are filled with a mix of truths and lies. The personal information he gets about the celebrities was true, but much of the rest were all lies. He would pick out celebrities that were trending or on the news, and use their personal information to support his claims that he had their naked pictures.

User: Is D also one of your slaves? Isn’t that just a joke?

Cho Joo Bin: Identification number 9XXXXX-XXXXXX. Her phone number is 010-XXXX-XXXX.

Cho Joo Bin: She moved into her new house on 2018.XX.XX. I have pictures of her.

Cho Joo Bin: Due to some circumstances, “F” became one of my slaves.

Cho Joo Bin: We will only reveal it to VIP members.

The reason why Cho Joo Bin was so confident about making up celebrities that he had naked pictures for is because he was assisted by accomplices who were working as social service agents. There have been at three public service agents who have been identified so far.

User: How many celebrities do you have?

Cho Joo Bin: E, F, G, H… I and J are all cards I’ve tossed out. The one-top is always a current idol. That’s the way I can make sure I win.

Dispatch has determined that many of Cho Joo Bin’s words were just bluffs in order to make more money. He would get money to support his users’ evil curiosities. With this, actual stalking cases also took place. In the end, punishment was levied onto one of Cho Joo Bin’s accomplices. The accomplice was sentenced to 14 months in prison.

Source: Dispatch

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