BTS’s Jimin Unleashed His Inner Slytherin On Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show”

He showed how sneaky he can be by cheating during a game.

Both fans and RM have sorted Jimin into Slytherin, the Harry Potter Hogwarts House of resourcefulness, ambition, and sneakiness. Jimin has proved (yet again) that he belongs there!

On February 24, BTS guested on a special episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. They answered questions from fans, visited a famous New York deli, and played games while cruising on a subway train.

Years of competing with each other on Run BTS! prepared the members for Jimmy Fallon’s Subway Olympics games: “Protect the Duck”, “Dance Your Shades and Gloves Off”, and the “Post-It Challenge”.

For the “Post-It Challenge”, Jimmy FallonRM, and rushed to stick as many Post-Its on Jin as possible, while Jimin, Suga, and J-Hope did the same to Jungkook.

After time ran out, Jimin sneakily added more Post-Its to Jungkook as Jimmy Fallon counted Jin’s.

J-Hope attempted to intervene…

…but Slytherin Jimin wouldn’t be stopped!

In the end, Team Jungkook won, so the moral of this story is…cheating pays off? 10 points to Slytherin!

Check out the Subway Olympics here: