A Child Texted A Wrong Number Asking For Snacks — And It Turned Out To Be Kim Woo Bin’s

How come this never happens to us?

Wouldn’t it be a dream come true if we could accidentally text our favorite stars? Well, for one particular child, this “dream” came true.

Actor Kim Woo Bin recently uploaded a screenshot of an adorable exchange he shared with a young child who accidentally texted the wrong number, which happened to be the actor’s phone number.

Actor Kim Woo Bin.

Kim Woo Bin revealed the adorable back-and-forth onto his Instagram story. Censoring the phone number, this is what the actor shared:

Kim Woo Bin’s exchange with the child | @____kimwoobin/Instagram

Child“Can you buy some snacks.”
Child: Ahjussi, I’m Yuri. Can you buy some puppy snacks.”
Kim Woo Bin: “Yuri-ya, I think you put in the wrong phone number.”

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We have so many questions regarding this situation — who was the child trying to contact? How did he make such an incredible “mistake?” Did he successfully get snacks for his puppy? Does Kim Woo Bin and the child keep in contact?

Regardless of what the answers may be, this makes up for one adorable and hilarious story!

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In related news, Kim Woo Bin will be making his long awaited acting return following his nasopharyngeal cancer diagnosis back in 2017. The actor confirmed his appearance in the upcoming 2021 film Alien alongside So Ji SubRyu Jun YeolKim Tae Ri, and more. The premiere date has yet to be released, but the filming concluded earlier this year so be on the lookout for that.

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