China Fan Base Sets The New Record For Fastest And Highest Donations For BTS V’s Birthday Projects

Who’s excited for V’s birthday?

BTS V’s China fan base CHINA Baidu Vbar, has created a new record in becoming the fastest and highest fund-raising donation for V’s birthday projects this year.

| @koreadispatch/Instagram

According to Baidu Vbar, they reached $144,552 USD in just one minute and $867,315 USD in 59 days and 14 minutes. In total, they raised $935,318 USD (1.1 billion KRW) for V’s birthday.

These donations have been collected in order to prepare for V’s upcoming birthday on December 30, making it the highest amount raised for a K-Pop fan base! They beat their own record from last year, proving V’s immense popularity in China.

Last year, many V fan bases worked together to show acts of kindness to celebrate his birthday. From donating briquettes in V’s name, donating to build a road, bridge, and classroom for students, donating lunchboxes to feed children, and donating to help rehabilitate children with burns and scars, V’s fans continuously show a positive influence to the world.

V’s influence to the world is so powerful and it truly shows through these donations and projects that fans are organizing under his name. V’s influence is so powerful that him and Barack Obama are the only two people in the world to have achieved 2.5M likes on 3 tweets, with V being the only artist to have achieved this accomplishment.

Fans can’t wait to see kind of projects they will prepare for V’s birthday this year. Guess we will have to wait 4 more months to see the final outcome!

Source: maeil