Chinese Protestors Yell At Korean Model To Get Out Of China

A recent video of Chinese protestors yelling at a Korean model has been garnering a lot of attention.

The video shows a man yelling at the model in a mall and the staff helping her. As the protestors, including the person filming the video, continue to yell at the model, the staff appears to try and calm down the protestors and diffuse the situation.

Recently, in the wake of the THAAD missile defense system being implemented in South Korea, China has been starting to ban South Korean-related content, which includes much of the media associated with the Hallyu wave (Korean television and K-pop music) and new mobile games.

Many celebrities have been embroiled in the middle of this controversy including Super Junior’s Siwon and Girls Generation’s Taeyeon.

Lotte stores located in China have also begun to be shut down, and some Chinese tourist agencies have even stopped offering packages to South Korea.