Cho Joo Bin Claims He Ordered Someone To Install Hidden Cameras To Film Shin Se Kyung and Apink’s Bomi

He says he ordered the staff to do it.

Cho Joo Bin has claimed that he was the one who ordered the illegal hidden camera filming of Shin Se Kyung and Apink‘s Bomi.

According to an exclusive report from Wikitree, a chat log from Cho Joo Bin showed him claiming responsibility for the event, saying that they got caught because of a lack of experience. The chat log was from January 31, 2020 at 2:12 (am or pm unspecified).

We have many hidden cameras of celebrities.

The staff member that caught trying to get the hidden camera of Shin Se Kyung got caught, so he asked us to pay for it.

We haven’t done this before, so we got caught because we were inexperienced.

— Cho Joo Bin

When another member asked Cho Joo Bin about the payment, he mentioned that the payment would only have been made if the staff member was successful, and the payment amount would have been ₩3 million KRW ($2,453 USD).

Back in September 2018, Shin Se Kyung and Bomi discovered hidden cameras disguised as battery chargers during their time abroad filming Olive’s Pocha Without Borders. The staff member who installed the hidden cameras received a sentence of 3 years probation, with 18 months in prison if he violated probation.

Source: Wikitree

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