Cho Joo Bin’s Neck Brace and Bandage in First Public Appearance Revealed to Be From Self-Inflicted Harm

The police explained what they predict happened.

Cho Joo Bin, the main culprit behind the infamous “Nth Room” in Telegram, publicly revealed his face for the first time before being forwarded to prosecution on March 25.

At around 8 in the morning, Cho Joo Bin kept his head up high from the entrance to exit with a facial expression suggesting he had surrendered.

What particularly stood out was the neck brace and the bandage on his head.

It was revealed during an investigation following his arrest that the bandage is covering up a wound caused by self-inflicted harm.

According to the police, it’s suspected that Cho Joo Bin attempted to harm himself using a pen. The police expressed that it is highly likely the pen made an impact against his head which is now covered by a bandage.

Rather than showing regret or remorse for his actions, when asked if he had anything to say to the victims, he mentioned names that appear to have no connection to the case.

I sincerely apologize to Sohn Suk Hee, Kim Woong, Yoon Jang Hyun, and everyone who has been hurt by me.

– Cho Joo Bin

Last December, SBS reported that Cho Joo Bin was suspected of scamming 15 million won (~$12,000 USD) from a reporter who was told he would receive a USB containing information about politicians.

As such, the police suspect that the names mentioned were not involved in the Telegram “Nth Room” cases, but that they could likely have been victims of fraud.

Check out Cho Joo Bin’s first public appearance below:

Source: Dispatch

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