Choa Addresses Her Recent Break From AOA Promotions

Choa uploaded a post on her Instagram clarifying the reasoning for her long leave of absence.

FNC Entertainment recently announced that Choa would be taking a break from AOA. Fans were still afraid that there was potential discord between the members, especially after seeing Instagram posts left by Yuna and Mina.

Choa has since uploaded a post explaining why she is taking this break.

First, Choa mentioned that this was her first extended break since her debut with AOA.

“For the first time since my debut, I’ve taken a long break. I was a bit surprised that so many people took interest in it. Thank you very much to everyone who is still concerned about me even though they can’t see me.”

— Choa

She then explained how she had a plan to take a break ever since the music video filming of “Excuse Me” and why she was absent for many months on social media.

“There was an agreement made between myself and FNC that I would take a break. This was planned since December 2016, since the ‘Excuse Me’ music video filming. But instead, it seems like I got caught up in rumors. I wanted to let everyone waiting for me about my break but I also didn’t want to announce it since it was my personal break.

Our managers suggested that I don’t use social media during my break. I was uncomfortable with that suggestion but I followed their advice.”

— Choa

Choa then apologized to her fans for not communicating with them about the situation and hoped that no rumors start because of this.

“I think I should have explained it to my fans who have been waiting for me. I feel like I was too complacent about it. I would like to sincerely apologize to everyone who has supported me and waited for me.

Since the announcement was delayed, there are a lot of rumors being spread due to the wrong guesses about the situation. I am simply on a pre-arranged break, I hope no more assumptions are spread around.

To those who posted their groundless opinions! It hurts the parties concerned a lot, please delete them.”

— Choa

Finally, Choa closed out her lengthy response by once again, thanking everyone who supports her and promised to show an even better image of herself after she is finished with her break.

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