Former AOA member CHOA Says “Don’t Touch Me” In An Exciting Cover Of Refund Sisters

Did we miss her voice or what!

Former AOA member CHOA released a cover of “Don’t Touch Me” by Refund Sisters not too long ago and fans are loving it!

| 초아 CHOA/YouTube

On November 7, through her personal YouTube channel, the former girl group member released an incredible cover of “Don’t Touch Me” by Refund Sisters and it is hyping up her fans. CHOA, who is known not only for her pretty visuals but her insanely powerful vocals can be heard showcasing her singing abilities throughout this charismatic song.

| 초아 CHOA/YouTube

She greeted her fans in her YouTube dropbox and wrote:

Hello, friends 💕 I’ve been craving REFUND SISTERS [Don’t touch me] from “Hang out with YOO” lately, and this is my cover of their song. And Risabae did my make up on this video. She also helped me out on the day of shooting , and it was mad fun!! ( Risabae will upload the make over video next week!!) I hope you enjoy this cover video. Thank you😍


Fans can see her singing the catchy song in front of a music video-like background.  CHOA really went all out with the neon lights and funky backdrop details. Not only that but she also killed it with her look! Sporting a slicked back low pony, a cool long sleeve shirt with a leather bustier on top, she really captured the vibe of this song. CHOA also grooves along to the beat of the song with plenty of attitude that makes this cover just that much better.

Meanwhile CHOA, who debuted as a member of girl group AOA in 2012, shocked fans when she left the team back in 2017. She went into a temporary retirement stating depression and insomnia as her reasoning. However, in August 2020 we learned that CHOA had signed an exclusive contract with her new agency, Great M Entertainment, which is founded by a former FNC manager.

| @greatm_entertainment/Instagram

We love seeing her back in action. Check out the full cover of “Don’t Touch Me” by CHOA below!

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