Choa Sets The Record Straight About Rumors That She Abruptly Left AOA To Get Married

It was because she left when AOA was doing well.

Former AOA member Choa recently refuted rumors that she left the girl group to get married.

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On August 28, Choa appeared on Tak Jae Hoon’s YouTube show, No Back Tak Jae Hoon, and discussed the past rumors regarding her departure from AOA.

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Choa abruptly left AOA in 2017, leaving fans devastated. She mentioned on No Back Tak Jae Hoon that she was the first to leave the group and that she still roots for the girls.

Our team started with seven members, and one by one, they left. I was the first to leave. But I still support my members.

— Choa

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Prior to her leaving AOA in 2017, Choa was photographed returning to Korea after a trip abroad with a certain company representative. There were various speculations, but Choa didn’t explicitly deny them, leading to rumors that she left the group to get married.

Tak Jae Hoon asked straightforwardly, “Are you married?” Choa explained that it was not true.

I didn’t get married. People were saying, ‘Why is she leaving when things are going so well?’ Then, dating rumors came up. And then, it turned into ‘she got married.

— Choa

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Choa then continued that the relationship with the company representative was just a fling, not a relationship. When Tak Jae Hoon asked if she held hands with him, she said she did, but it was not a deep relationship.

We weren’t dating. You know, it was like a fling.

— Choa

In 2021, Choa addressed her departure from AOA on an episode of tvN’s On & Off. She explained that it was because her mental health was deteriorating.

I was the optimistic type, but after a certain point, it was as if a fuse went out. It might’ve been because I was tired from never sleeping. When my mental state wasn’t so good, I’d be washing my face while thinking, ‘There’s no version of me that people like.’

— Choa in an interview in 2021

Former AOA Member Choa Finally Reveals The Real Reason Why She Left The Group So Suddenly

Choa revealed that she has a new song coming out soon titled “Butterfly.”

Source: No Back Tak Jae Hoon/YouTube and SpoTV News