Former AOA Member Choa Finally Reveals The Real Reason Why She Left The Group So Suddenly

She suddenly left AOA and halted her activities back in 2017.

Former AOA member, Choa just revealed the real reason why she left the group so suddenly on a recent episode of tvN‘s On & Off.

After taking a 3-year hiatus from broadcasts, Choa nervously updated the views about how she’s been doing.

I couldn’t sleep properly when I was working, so I’ve slept a lot. I ate delicious food, traveled, and got a lot of rest.

— Choa

She also revealed what made her suddenly move back to Seoul and start working again.

I felt like many fans were waiting for my return, and since I got a long break, I wanted to say hello. So due to my personal broadcast, as well as my appearance on this show, I ended up moving back to Seoul.

— Choa

Choa was then asked about the real reason she left the group and halted her activities so suddenly 3 years ago.

She responded with honesty and an unfiltered explanation of how her mental health was deteriorating.

I was the optimistic type, but after a certain point, it was as if a fuse went out. It might’ve been because I was tired from never sleeping. When my mental state wasn’t so good, I’d be washing my face while thinking, ‘There’s no version of me that people like.’

— Choa

Following the peak of AOA’s success, Choa suddenly announced in June 2017 that she’ll be leaving the group and halting activities. Fans were devastated over her departure, but now everyone knows that it was all for her own health which should always come first!

Source: Dispatch