Choi Jong Hoon’s Mom Claims His Illegal Chatroom And Rape Scandal “Wasn’t A Big Deal” As She Berates A Reporter

She exclaimed everything was “unfair” and that “God will take care of everything.”

The Fact released footage of former F.T. Island member Choi Jong Hoon attending a church service and it has quickly started to take over headlines.

Former F.T. Island member, Choi Jong Hoon.

The former idol member, who was recently released from prison back in November 2021, attended a church service with his mother on January 9.

Choi Jong Hoon at the church service | The Fact

After the church service was over, Choi Jong Hoon was approached by a reporter from The Fact who had a few questions for the former F.T. Island member—to which he did not answer and respectfully declined.

The Fact reporter: “It’s been 2 months since you’ve been released [from prison], how have you been doing?
Choi Jong Hoon: “Why are you doing this…”
The Fact reporter: “I know that you departed from your group, but do you have any plans to make a entertainment comeback?
Choi Jong Hoon: “I’m sorry.”

The questions continued from The Fact‘s reporter, which is when the former idol turned the tables to ask a few questions of his own.

The Fact reporter: “I heard that you frequently attend the church. Since when and why did you begin attending?”
Choi Jong Hoon: “How did you know I was here? Who told you I was here? Have the church people been telling others about my whereabouts?”

The Fact reporter persisted with his questions, as he carried on by asking Choi Jong Hoon about his future plans. And while the former F.T. Island member continued to evade the reporter’s questions about his personal life, it was here that he decided to speak up on behalf of his current well-being.

The Fact reporter: “Please make a comment about your future plans.”
Choi Jong Hoon: “I also have bad trauma and shock [from the scandal]. I don’t know what to say to you when you are coming at me with a recording device.”

Up until this moment, the cameraman for The Fact was hiding behind other cars to remain unseen by Choi Jong Hoon. However, following the above interaction between the reporter and the former idol, the cameraman decided to begin filming in his presence.

Upon seeing the cameraman, Choi Jong Hoon became noticeably irate and flustered. Just moments after the cameraman exposed himself, the former idol member ushered his mother over—which is when the situation took a turn for the worst and the interaction became physical.

Choi Jong Hoon: “What are you doing? Mom! These reporters came up to me started asking for an interview.”
The Fact reporter: “We just wanted to ask a few questions.”
Choi Jong Hoon’s mother: “What are you trying to ask?”
The Fact reporter: “Just what his future plans are.”
Choi Jong Hoon’s mother: “Why would you ask such things? It wasn’t even a big deal [pushes reporter] and you’re making such a fuss about it. God will punish you.”

Things only got progressively worse following the above interaction. As The Fact production team continued to ask questions, Choi Jong Hoon’s mother continued to respond physically, as she pushed the cameraman and his camera away from her son.

The Fact reporter: “We just want to hear one comment.”
Choi Jong Hoon’s mother: “Stop. Stop bothering my son, who is trying to live in faith. [Pushes cameraman] Time will only tell. God will take care of everything and He will figure everything out in His time. The conclusion will be fine in the end. You just wait…this is so unfair.”

It didn’t take long before this video began circulating on different online communities. Upon seeing the escalated altercation, netizens quickly began to criticize Choi Jong Hoon and his mother for their response to the situation, as well as their behaviors.

| theqoo
  • “I can tell exactly what their characters are like through this one report.”
  • “That’s not the reason why God exists but okay…”
  • “Omg ㅋㅋ It seems that there was no moral improvement while he was in prison.”
  • It wasn’t even a big deal…?
  • “Fellow believers need to beat the sh*t out of people like this…because at the end of the day, they’re ruining the church’s image ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I hate people who do something wrong but always use God’s forgiveness as an excuse.”
  • “So did God order you to participate in gang r*pe then? ㅋㅋㅋ because that means the God your mom believes in is fake.”
| Yonhap News

Previously, Choi Jong Hoon shocked the entire K-Pop world when he admitted to his involvement in the Burning Sun scandal that was exposed back in 2019. More specifically, the former leader of F.T. Island took part in the KakaoTalk chatroom scandal that was led by former singer, Jung Joon Young.

Former singer and leader of the illegal KakaoTalk chatrooms, Jung Joon Young.

Choi Jong Hoon was arrested for sharing explicit photos and videos of women taken without their consent in a KakaoTalk chatroom. These chatroom messages later revealed his participation in two different gang rapes involving two different victims. The former boy group member eventually admitted to these charges and was sentenced to 5 years in prison, which was then reduced to 2 years.

Choi Jong Hoon at one of his trials.

Ever since his release from prison back in November 2021, Choi Jong Hoon remained unseen and out of the spotlight—until now. You can watch The Fact‘s entire video featuring the former idol and his mother down below.

Source: theqoo
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