Choi Sung Min Talks About The Famous Video Of Him Suddenly Hugging IZ*ONE’s Choi Yena Mid-Performance

He explains the meaning behind his affection for his younger sister.

Former Coed School and SPEED member Choi Sung Min recently sat down to talk about the very famous “incident” regarding his sudden hug during a performance.

Choi Sung Min | Star Camp 202

On the most recent episode of Singosik on YouTube, Choi Sung Min sat down with a few of his other former SPEED members to discuss their previous idol days. It was during this time that the former boy group member shared the behind-the-scenes story of a viral performance.

During one of SPEED’s last performances ever as a boy group, Choi Sung Min was recorded suddenly rushing into the crowd mid-performance and dragging a female student out onto the stage. While lovingly hugging her, he also gave her a small smooch on the forehead before letting her go back to the crowd.

This naturally caused a bit of a scene, with even some of his SPEED members getting flustered at the situation.

Choi Sung Min (middle) with other SPEED members who looked flustered | @신고식/YouTube

It was belatedly revealed, however, that Choi Sung Min was actually hugging his younger sister Choi Yena, who is a former member of IZ*ONE.

Choi Sung Min’s younger sister and former IZ*ONE member, Choi Yena.

It was during his time on Singosik that Choi Sung Min explained the situation in detail.

She’s family. The person that I’m holding, the person I hugged is my younger sibling. She’s Choi Yena from IZ*ONE.

— Choi Sung Min

Choi Sung Min then began to share the real reason why he reacted with so much love and adoration for his younger sister in that moment — and it was because it was his last ever performance as an idol.

People say that it was a crazy situation, but there was a deep meaning behind it. The reason for it was because that was our last song. It was our last busking and our last ever performance.

— Choi Sung Min

The former SPEED member continued by revealing that he felt as if he was “handing off the baton” to his sister, who was just beginning her journey as an idol trainee.

So since I knew that my younger sister was walking on the same path as me, it was kind of like a metaphor of me handing off the baton to her. Kind of like, ‘I am done.’

— Choi Sung Min

Choi Yena (left) and Choi Sung Min (right) | theqoo

We love a good sibling story and this one is adorable! You can watch Choi Sung Min talk about Choi Yena down below.

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