Choi Yena Personally Denies Her Sponsorship Rumors With A CJ Group Chairman

The matter shocked her too.

Former IZ*ONE‘s Choi Yena had been swept up in sponsorship rumors with a chairman of a subsidiary of the CJ Group. Previously, SBS News reported that conglomerate Lee Jae Hwan was being accused of sponsoring a former female idol, Ms. A. Various netizens had called out Yena and suspected her of being Ms. A.

On December 1, Yuehua Entertainment announced their position regarding Choi Yena’s ongoing allegations through their official website and denied all accusations. On December 6, 2021, Yena herself personally stepped up to deny the allegations through the Yuehua Entertainment official website.

Hello. This is Choi Yena.

I hesitated a lot if I should bring this matter up to fans like this, but as my name has been tied into a very shocking matter, I thought that I could not sit by and simply watch any longer and hardened my heart to write a few lines…

The first time I saw an article where I had been mentioned in these malicious rumors, that are completely untrue, was when I was simply at home eating.

I completely don’t know the person and the fact that my name was mentioned in a matter that has nothing to do with me had spread quickly as if it was true, made me very taken aback and upset as I watched the situation play out.

I was simply just running towards my dream and working hard so I don’t know why I have to experience such an unbelievable matter.. and even now, I’m so angry and sad that there are many people that are believing it.

— Yena

My heart hurts to think that my fans were probably just as surprised as me. I’m not the person in the rumors. This has nothing to do with me. Don’t worry.

I was very sad to have experienced this and my mental was also shaken badly but I’m going to dust myself off and work hard once more, thinking of you guys. I will show you a better side of myself, as the positive and strong Choi Yena that can receive lots of love.

Winter is now here officially. I hope everyone will not experience hardships through this matter anymore. Everyone knows this right? Always take care of your health first!

— Yena

With Yena’s personal clarification, hopefully the matter will come to a rest. Her agency will also be dealing with people who spread the rumors through legal actions.