Choi Yena Cancels “Music Core” Appearance For “Hate Rodrigo” Due To Issues In Health

The title has been receiving backlash.

Soloist Choi Yena has been facing backlash recently after the launch of her new title track, “Hate Rodrigo.” While the singer is loved for her peppy, punk rock inspired hits, the new track was a hit or miss, due to the title. The song was meant to express Yena’s love and respect for the pop star Olivia Rodrigo in a cute way. The title rubbed some the wrong way, resulting in controversy.

Choi Yena Hit With Backlash For “Hate Rodrigo” — Korean Netizens And Critics Weigh In

Following the negative backlash, her company announced that Yena would not be performing on Music Core as per scheduled. She was going to make her comeback on the show on July 1, 2023. The company states that it is due to the artist being in a bad condition.

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Hello. This is Yuehua Entertainment.

Firstly, we express our gratitude for the JIGUMIs who have been loving and cheering on Choi Yena. We wish to inform you about the pre-recording for MBC’s Music Core.

The planned pre-recording for MBC’s Music Core tomorrow has been canceled due to the artist’s bad condition.

We hope for JIGUMIs’ generous understanding in the many changes in schedules, and our company will do our best to help our artist recover.

Thank you.

— Yuehua Entertainment

We wish Yena a speedy recovery!

Source: Instiz