Choi Yena Opens Up About Missing IZ*ONE

She’s incredibly grateful for having had the experience.

Choi Yena was the most recent guest on Lee Young Ji‘s entertaining My Alcohol Diary. The episode, like all of the episodes thus far, was filled with laughter, chaos, and touching moments of honesty.

In one of those more sentimental moments, Lee Young Ji asked Choi Yena if she misses IZ*ONE like many of IZ*ONE’s fans still do.

Lee Young Ji: I’m not sure if I am allowed to ask.

Choi Yena: Just ask.

Lee Young Ji: People miss IZ*ONE and I was wondering if you also miss IZ*ONE.

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Choi Yena made her debut in the temporary girl group IZ*ONE after competing in Mnet‘s Produce 48.

IZ*ONE | @official_izone/Twitter


IZ*ONE is still a beloved group, although they disbanded in 2021. Fans often look forward to interactions between the former members, even if it’s simple as greetings on music shows.

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And it seems like Choi Yena misses IZ*ONE as much as the fans do, explaining that, especially since she then made her debut as a soloist, it’s difficult to no longer be a part of IZ*ONE since she “can’t handle loneliness.

Choi Yena: I really miss [IZ*ONE]. I am a person who can’t handle loneliness.

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Choi Yena has even started living with her family again to avoid living alone.

Choi Yena: That’s why I am living with my brothers again.

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Still, although Choi Yena misses IZ*ONE, she admits she’s happy with her work as a soloist.

Choi Yena: But I am happy with myself now and I am not a person who can’t do anything because of my thoughts. It’s best to do well according to what you are destined to do.

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Choi Yena also points out that she never expected to debut with IZ*ONE, so she simply treasures the experience.

Choi Yena: Also, no one expected that a group called IZ*ONE will form. A lot of people ask me about IZ*ONE and I think there was nothing more worthy [to] experience than it. Who wil ever experience something like this? It’s a very thankful experience. How can a thankful experience like this come to me? I am thankful for all these moments.

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And while she is “thankful for all [those] moments,” Choi Yena explains that she still has her current goals for her solo career.

Choi Yena: I just want to focus on what I want to do and what I need to do according to my current situation.

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