Choiza’s Instagram Sees A Spike In Hate Comments After He Gets Mentioned In MBC’s Documentary About The Late Sulli

He’s being blamed for Sulli’s passing.

MBC aired the “Why did you find Sulli so problematic?” episode of Docuplex, a documentary about the late Sulli. In this documentary, Sulli’s mother mentioned the Korean hiphop group Dynamic Duo‘s Choiza — also known for his past romantic relationship with Sulli.

The late Sulli on “Why did you find Sulli so problematic?” by “Docuplex”. | MBC

Sulli’s mother revealed that she had been against Sulli dating Choiza, mainly because of the huge age difference. At first, when the news broke, Sulli’s mother said she didn’t believe it to be true.

Everything was fine until the dating scandal. I saw that Sulli got involved in one with someone 13 years older than she is. When I saw the pictures, I thought they were fake. I thought the press is exaggerating. So I called Sulli to check and she told me they were real.

— Sulli’s Mother

Sulli’s mother explained she went fully against Sulli’s decision to keep seeing Choiza because she didn’t see it fit for Sulli to date someone so much older — as it “sped things up way too quickly for [Sulli]“.

A 13-year age difference meant the relationship sped things up way too quickly for her. She probably skipped a lot of steps. Everything changed for her — the way she talked, the way she ate and drank, the way she looked for fun…

— Sulli’s Mother

Sulli’s mother said, “Sulli got really disappointed and upset” at the fact that she opposed the relationship. She explained, “It was probably hard for [Sulli] to understand why [her mother] wouldn’t accept the man she loved.”

Choiza | SpoTV

The disagreement ended up drifting the mother and daughter apart — which, Sulli’s mother pointed out, ultimately made Sulli feel even more alone when the relationship came to an end in 2017, after three years.

I’ve got a temper too. Eventually, I told Sulli that we can drop everything. We completely fell apart after that. We kept in touch but we rarely saw each other… I can only imagine how alone she must have felt when the relationship came to an end.

She had lost the man she loved. She didn’t have her own mother by her side. The emotions must have been too much for her to handle at the time.

— Sulli’s Mother

After the documentary aired, Choiza’s Instagram received a tremendous amount of hate comments under his most recent posts.

Choiza’s most recent post on Instagram. | @choiza11/Instagram

Many of these comments blatantly blamed Sulli’s death on Choiza.

Some even criticized him for “continuing to make money off of” Dynamic Duo’s song “Eat Pray Love” (also known as “Eat Sleep Sex” in a more literal translation of the title).

This song, which dropped shortly after his relationship with Sulli went public, created a lot of buzz for its sexual lyrics — inevitably hinting at Choiza and Sulli’s intimacy.

“Yang” means lamb and “Dari” means shank in Korean, but “yangdari” also means “infidelity” in slang.

Meanwhile, some argued that “spreading hate only shows that people have learned nothing from having lost Sulli the same way.”

No matter how many celebrities Koreans lose to malicious comments, we will never learn and we will never change. Do you all really think leaving these vicious comments for him is the right thing to do? Do we even deserve to place the blame on someone else? We are the ones we need to be criticizing. So everyone stop.

— Netizen

Choiza is yet to respond to his mention in the documentary or the flood of hateful comments.

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