HYBE’s Performance Director Followed Sakura And Chaewon On Social Media, Fuelling Rumors Of The New Girl Group

What can this mean?

It was previously reported by Korean media outlet, Star News, that HYBE Labels was reportedly trying to recruit former IZ*ONE‘s Sakura and Chaewon as part of their upcoming new girl group. Regarding the rumors, both HYBE and Woollim Entertainment had responded“We cannot confirm the contents of the artists’ contract.” Despite this, a new development has caused fans to become hopeful once again.

It was found that a performance director that is contracted exclusively at HYBE Labels, Yoon So Young, was found to be following Sakura and Chaewon. She does not follow any of the other IZ*ONE girls.

What is interesting is that apart from the two, she also only follows artists contracted under (or formerly under) HYBE such as BTS and GFRIEND. The rest of her following consists of foreign celebrities, dancers or influencers.

What can fans make of this? Stay tuned for more!