Chris Martin Goes Viral For Slow Dancing With BTS’s Jin, And Here Are 5 Best Reactions From ARMYs

He is WHIPPED whipped for Jin.

Recently BTS‘s Jin joined Coldplay on stage during their Beunos Aires concert to perform his solo track “The Astronaut.” There were several moments during the performance that showed how Jin is loved by the band’s members, especially Chris Martin. A newly-surfaced clip from the rehearsal of this performance is now going viral, where Chris and Jin can be seen slow dancing.

| @SoftKSJ_/Twitter

The clip shows Jin greeting Coldplay members at the rehearsal when he goes to hug Chris Martin. But Chris lifts his arm and smoothly turns the hug attempt into a mini-waltzing session. As endearing as this interaction is, it also drew some hilarious reactions from fans.

1. Dakota might need to buckle up

2. Has anyone checked on BTS?

3. The growing list of celebrities who lost their partners to Jin

4. Who else got that reference?

5. The one true solution

All jokes aside, ARMYs are extremely satisfied with this wholesome little friendship and have expressed gratitude towards Coldplay for being amazing seniors to BTS.


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