Chungha Will Reportedly Leave MNH Entertainment

She previously called out her company.

Chungha will reportedly be leaving MNH Entertainment after the expiration of her contract in March.

According to an exclusive report from Sports World, Chungha will be leaving MNH Entertainment after her contract expires in March 2023. After a series of long discussions, the two decided to part ways and are supporting each other in their next chapters. One entertainment insider shared that Chungha wants a new challenge in her career.

I believe Chungha wants to challenge herself in a new environment.

She has not decided whether she will be finding a new agency or preparing her own one-person agency after leaving MNH Entertainment.

— Entertainment insider

The relationship between Chungha and MNH Entertainment was once lauded as a prime example of how a small agency could develop their artist into stardom, with Chungha rising up through Produce 101 as a relatively unknown trainee and becoming one of Korea’s most popular soloists with songs “Why Don’t You Know”, “Rollercoaster”, and more. However more recently, she called out her company in a live broadcast, showcasing her deteriorating relationship with them.

Chungha Seemingly Calls Out Her Company MNH Entertainment During Recent Live Broadcast

MNH Entertainment has not yet confirmed the report.

Source: Sports World


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