Chuseok Selfies Of PNATION’s Youngest Trainee Make Netizens Question Whether The 12-Year-Old Is Appropriate To Debut

He’s the same age as Girls’ Generation’s “Gee”!

Ever since PNATION announced their debut lineup for their first boy group through the survival show LOUD, many netizens have been concerned about one of the boys set to join the team.

The debut PNATION LOUD team | @PNATION_LOUD/Twitter

Tanaka Koki has been a topic of debate between many online for the past few weeks now that the show has ended. With him potentially debuting at only 12 years old (international age), fans are simply concerned about what effect this introduction to the public might have on the young boy in the future.

Tanaka Koki | @PNATION_LOUD/Twitter

This conversation boiled over when PNATION posted a celebratory Chuseok holiday selfie to Twitter featuring him in a light-colored hanbok.

One of Koki’s Chuseok selfie | @PNATION_LOUD/Twitter

While on LOUD, the costume team often aged Koki up by dressing him in more dark, mature-looking clothing. However, once fans saw him in this seemingly ageless outfit doing innocent poses, many felt the need to comment.

The PNATION LOUD team during the penultimate episode. | @PNATION_LOUD/Twitter

The original tweet now has over 4k quote tweets, with many fans using the quotes to show genuine concern about the dangers of such a young boy joining the industry.

There was growing concern about the potential dangers of introducing him to social media as such a young idol.

One Twitter user even pointed out that at this moment, Koki couldn’t technically have his own Twitter account as he falls below the age restriction.

Multiple users who saw the tweet genuinely confused his selfies with the commonly used “baby filter” on Snapchat, which just bolstered their worries.

One user even shared their concern by comparing the situation to the well-known struggle of western media’s child stars.

While at first glance, the quote tweets may have seemed aimed negatively toward Koki himself, one netizen summed it up best by breaking down the situation.

What are your thoughts on Koki’s debut? Do you think that it’s too early to have members of the 2009-line? Let us know, and to read more about the members chosen for PNATION from LOUD, check out the article below:

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