Chuu And LOONA’s Hyunjin And Vivi Prove Their Friendship Is Stronger Than Ever By Hanging Out On Instagram Live

The trio even said they wanted to do another live broadcast together soon.

The news of Chuu‘s removal from LOONA was shocking, but since then, the idol has kept busy signing with a new agency and continuing her solo activities. Fans, staff members who have worked with Chuu, and brands have also made statements defending her from the accusations of abuse made by her former agency BlockBerry Creative.

Chuu | @chuuo3o/Instagram

One question that remained on the minds of Orbits, LOONA’s official fandom, was whether or not Chuu was still on good terms with the remaining members. Many fans believed that Chuu’s departure from the group would signal the other members to leave. This suspicion was confirmed when it was reported that nine of the remaining eleven members filed cases to terminate their contracts with BlockBerry Creative. Four out of the nine members succeeded.

The cover for LOONA’s indefinitely postponed [0] album | @loonatheworld/Twitter
It was unclear why two of the members, Vivi and Hyunjin, did not join the rest of the girls in attempting to cut ties with the company, but they left no doubt that their friendship with Chuu was still stronger than ever by going live on Instagram together!

The surprise of hearing Chuu directly interact with the members of LOONA warmed Orbits’ hearts, who were reassured that the girls were all still on good terms. Some questioned why BlockBerry Creative thought they could sever their bond. In November 2022, Hyunjin was one of the first LOONA members to voice her frustration over Chuu’s removal.

The trio even treated their fans to some covers, showing how comfortable they interacted with each other despite the possible backlash from LOONA’s agency.

After the Instagram live ended, many Orbits were convinced that it was only a matter of time before all of the LOONA members left BlockBerry Creative for good.


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