Chuu Has Reportedly Signed With BY4M Studio

She has found a new home.

Chuu has reportedly signed with BY4M Studio after being removed from LOONA.

In an exclusive report from Edaily, the media outlet has reported that Chuu will continue her entertainment activities with BY4M Entertainment. BY4M Entertainment will soon officially announce Chuu as their newest addition to their family as well as the direction of her future activities. Chuu was removed from LOONA on November 25.

BY4M Studiois a company that focuses heavily on the online and social media markets and has gradually been expanding into the entertainment sector. They have already acquired Major9, home to Vibe, Ben and 4men. They also are the home to artists such as Jeon Sang Keun, Shin Ye Young, and Holland.

Edaily’s report comes following a report from JTBC that nine members of LOONA filed an injunction against BlockBerry Creative to suspend their exclusive contracts.

9 Members Of LOONA Reportedly File Injunction To Suspend Contract With BlockBerry Creative

Source: Edaily