CIIPHER Reveals Rain Banned Them From Dating — Rain Explains Why

Rain put a dating ban on CIIPHER.

Rain recently appeared on SKY & SBS2‘s Soo Mi’s Mountain Cabin where he revealed that he gave CIIPHER a dating ban.

Rain as well as CIIPHER’s Hyunbin, Tan, and Keita appeared on the show where the topic of dating came up.

That’s when the CIIPHER members confessed that they’re under a dating ban post debut.

We’re not allowed to date for 5 years after our debut.


And in response, Rain explained why he put the dating restriction on CIIPHER.

If you want to remain as a star, you can date right away. But if you want to become an artist who climbs to the top position, you don’t have time to date right now.

— Rain

He then went on to describe just how competitive the industry is.

You can’t last in this industry without going crazy. Even if you put everything into your work and music, there’s no guarantee that you’ll make it.

— Rain

But what gained particular attention was when Rain was asked if he dated at their age.

Didn’t you date when you were their age?

— Park Myung Soo

And Kim Soo Bi jokingly exposed Rain for living a more free life in his 20s.

You succeeded while doing everything you wanted.

— Rain

Whatever the case, Rain only has CIIPHER’s best interests in mind! And hopefully, it all pays off!

Source: Insight
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