City of Paju to Sue CJ ENM’s “Food Bless You” Producer for Possibly Spreading COVID-19

The producer chose not to self-isolate and began working and visiting public areas as soon as she returned from Boston.

City of Paju recently announced that they will be taking legal measures against the CJ ENM Food Bless You producer who was recently confirmed for COVID-19.

According to Paju, the female producer, Ms. A (31) visited Boston in the States from March 6 to 18, but rather than self-isolating at her home in Seoul, she chose to stay at a relative’s building in Paju, only to be diagnosed with COVID-19 on March 28.

It’s been revealed that Ms. A began going to work as a junior producer of Food Bless You the very next day on March 19.

After getting their first new case in almost 20 days, Paju strongly criticized Ms. A and Food Bless You for her careless behavior.

As if traveling abroad during this time wasn’t enough, Ms. A didn’t self-isolate herself upon her return, and rather went to work, and that was irresponsible behavior of both Ms. A and the broadcasting company.

– Paju

According to the report documenting her whereabouts, Ms. A took various buses and taxis to work and even visited multiple cafes, restaurants, and convenience stores located in Seoul.

As such, Paju expressed their strong disapproval and disappointment in Ms. A and Food Bless You and stressed that they will be taking legal action against the great anxiety they caused among the citizens.

Many citizens are anxious as a result. The city of Paju feels very shocked and disappointed. The fact that Ms. A visited public locations and took public transport after she noticed symptoms was very inappropriate behavior. We will be taking legal measures against them.

– Paju

Following the diagnosis, the show announced a 2-week hiatus, and while all producers and staff went into self-isolation, and after being tested, cast members Park Na Rae and Jang Do Yeon confirmed that their results came back negative.

Source: Dispatch