CJ ENM Employees Call Out Company For Lying To Public And Forcing Them To Work Even After Confirmed Coronavirus Case

They called out their own employer.

CJ ENM employees have called out the company for lying to the public and forcing them to work, even after the company confirmed a Coronavirus (COVID-19) case just days ago.

On March 28, CJ ENM confirmed one of its PD’s, later announced to be the Junior PD for Olive show Bob Bless You, contracted Coronavirus during his vacation in New York. In response, the media mogul announced they would be shutting down their office in Sangam for emergency quarantine measures to prevent further spread of the virus.

However, several employees working at CJ ENM have claimed this move is “all for show” and mentioned how the media giant is actually forcing them to go to work still. An anonymous CJ ENM employee told Asia News Agency about this.

The company told employees to work from home unless there are unavoidable circumstances. But all of the PD’s who are preparing or currently working on broadcasts are considered to be in that unavoidable circumstances. It’s just a statement for show. It’s a situation where everyone is anxious and has no choice but to go in to work.

— Anonymous CJ ENM employee

There are also several posts on a Korean application called Blind, where workers from various companies can post about their jobs. Blind is an app that forces users to verify the company they are working for prior to allowing them to make posts.

I really doubted what I was seeing when I saw the message from the HR team. Shouldn’t we not be going [to work] in the first place… At least during the possible incubation period.


I didn’t pray for anything but really, I also doubted what I was seeing after seeing the text message from the HR team, but what’s worse is they even want the Team Leaders to go to work on Monday.


In addition, another employee commented how the company has failed to take proper quarantine measures, failing to do even the basics such as check temperatures.

There was an announcement made, but there wasn’t even a temperature check. They are just using a thermal video camera to check, and those who are coming from the cargo area or the stairs aren’t getting checked at all.


Comments were also posted in response to other CJ ENM employees’ posts, and many of them are confirming their “necessity” to the company, being required to be at work.

  • “Add one more person who was forced to go to work.”
  • “I’m going to work tomorrow ^^ Corona party.”
  • “What’s worse is I have to go on the weekend too.”
  • “Only a few floors were quarantined, it’s a bit harsh to have to go on the weekend.”

CJ ENM stated that they would be looking into the comments made by their employees on Blind.

We will need to look into the comments made by the employees claiming that they are being forced to work.


However, it has also been reported that Mnet‘s show Voice Korea 2020 will be holding in person auditions starting today for participants who pass the online screening, supporting the employees’ claims. If the show holds their in person auditions, they would be going against the government’s guidelines for social distancing, that were set until April 5.

Source: Asia News Agency and TV Daily