CJ ENM Reaches Agreement On Compensation For Agencies Affected By “Produce 101” Vote Rigging Scandal

Both X1 and eliminated trainees are getting compensated.

CJ ENM has come to an agreement with several of the agencies affected by the Produce 101 vote rigging scandals on compensation.

According to an exclusive report from Joy News24, CJ ENM is in the process of working out agreements with some of the agencies who were affected by PD Ahn Joon Young and CP Kim Yong Bum‘s actions in rigging the vote results. The agreements are being discussed with agencies who had trainees in X1‘s debut lineup, but were unfairly removed as well as agencies of members who did debut with X1, but were forced to disband due to the scandal.

In response to the report, CJ ENM confirmed a compensation plan is being put into place for the affected parties, both the debut X1 members and the unfairly removed members.

We have had time to discuss with the agencies of the X1 members and have reached an amicable agreement.

We have also begun discussions on compensation with the management agencies of the trainees who were eliminated from X1 due to the vote manipulation.


While specific details were not revealed, it is expected a significant sum of money was provided as compensation. Earlier in the day, it was revealed that PD Ahn Joon Young and CP Kim Yong Bum were sentenced to prison for their roles in the vote manipulation.

Produce 101’s PD Ahn Joon Young and CP Kim Yong Bum Sentenced To Prison For Vote Rigging Scandal

Source: Joy News24