CLC’s Kwon Eunbin To Have A Crush On NCT’s Jaehyun In Drama “Dear.M”

She plays a rich girl you can’t hate!

CLC‘s Eunbin has been cast in new upcoming drama, Dear.M, opposite Jaehyun from NCT and actors Park Hye Soo, Kim Sae Ron and Bae Hyun Sung. Earlier today, it was announced that Jaehyun had accepted the role of the main lead alongside the other three leads.

Eunbin has been offered the role of a supporting character, named Min Yang Hee, who falls for Jaehyun’s character, Cha Min Ho. Min Yang Hee is slated to be a girl that grew up in a rich family, resulting in her lack of tact at times, often causing trouble unintentionally. Despite her troublesome personality, her character is stated to be irresistible because of her overflowing charms.

The role was confirmed by Eunbin herself on her Instagram story as she posted saying, “Please take care of Yanghee.” Dear.M will air in the first half of 2021.

This is not Eunbin’s first challenge at acting – she has built up a resume with Bad Papa and Somehow Family as supporting roles. In other news, her group, CLC has recently made a comeback with “HELICOPTER”. Check out the music video below!


Source: Star MT