CLC’s Sorn Reacts To Harsh Hate Tweets — And Frankly, Her Haters Just Look Silly

Sorn is a QUEEN!

CLC‘s Sorn took back the power from pathetic hate commenters in her latest video where she reacts to mean tweets. Having debuted as a teenager, Sorn received many rude comments that used to affect her. However, as she’s grown up, she lets the hate roll off her back and focuses on what’s important to her.

CLC’s Sorn | @sssorn_chonnasorn/Instagram

After fans loved her TikTok live where she read hate comments, she’s back at it on YouTube. The first tweet she read didn’t shake her one bit!

‘f*** sorn i never liked her in the first place’ Well, thank you? You don’t have to like me. I didn’t ask for you to like me.

— Sorn

She showed her mature mentality when a mindless hate comment said, “yeah and f*** sorn! jobless girl you will never find success.”

Sorn discussed how everyone’s perception of success is different, and for herself, she is satisfied being able to connect with fans through her music. (Afterall, there’s nothing more jobless than sitting at home writing hate comments.)

Well, I don’t know what your definition of success is but personally, I think I’m on my way to becoming successful. And I think what I’ve accomplished for the past 10 years is already somewhat of a success, so despite being in a group where we didn’t really… we weren’t as successful as other K-pop groups, I think I have all the support in the world and I really want my fans to be able to connect with my music. I don’t really care about anything else, so I’m happy where I am. So I’m pretty sure that I’m somewhat successful in my own way. I don’t know about you, but I hope that you’re also trying to improve yourself to become something that you want to be.

— Sorn

She also had a funny and light-hearted response to a comment stating, “idk if this is unpopular or not but sorn looks like a cabbage patch kid f*** that h**.”

I didn’t know what a Cabbage Patch kid looked like but after searching the photo up, I think it’s kind of cute! I’m going to insert a photo right here to see if we look alike.

— Sorn

Another comment tried to insult Sorn’s visuals, but she wasn’t having it.

Sorn is the legit ugliest K-pop idol. I love CLC but this girl is truly a monster. If you don’t think she’s ugly you can fight me but seriously sorn ugly af

— Hate comment

Sorn proved she’s on another level from these mean comments through her mature outlook and the comments that actually matter to her. The people who are important to her think she is gorgeous, and as long as the hate is not about her skills, she really doesn’t care!

One thing that I really don’t understand with people is that like, why do you guys keep commenting on my face? I know everyone has a type. In my own eyes, in my mom’s and dad’s eye, in my friends and family’s eyes, I am not ugly. And also I’m a very nice person. I feel like I would get more offended if you have tweeted about maybe that my voice sounds like a duck, if I dance like someone who doesn’t know how to move their body.

— Sorn

In the end, all of the hate commenters just look silly — She’s obviously stunning!

Watch the full video below.


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