CLC’s Sorn Calls On Fans To Stop Using Fu Yaning’s Diss To Yujin From “Girls Planet 999”

A harmless meme or a joke gone too far among fans?

Girls Planet 999 has been underway for several weeks, but contestant Fu Yaning‘s diss towards CLC‘s Yujin on the show’s first episode is still a hot topic among viewers. Now, in a new live broadcast, Yujin’s fellow CLC member Sorn has called on fans to stop repeating the diss online.

In the first few episodes of Girls Planet 999, all 99 contestants were given the chance to show off their skills with cover performances. For her performance with fellow C Group contestants, popular Chinese trainee Fu Yaning decided to perform a cover of CLC’s iconic hit, “HELICOPTER.”

When host Yeo Jin Goo asked Fu Yaning if she’d be able to present a good stage with Yujin, one of the original singers, in the audience that day, she showed her confidence by stating that her team “can do better than the original,” showing a side only they can pull off.

Fu Yaning | Mnet, iQIYI

That’s when Fu Yaning went on to tell Yujin the line that’s been sweeping the internet since it happened: “We go up… but you don’t.” Fu Yaning was referencing the lyrics to CLC’s song—”We go up, helicopter.”

CLC’s Yujin | Mnet, iQIYI

While Yujin initially appeared to be shocked at Fu Yaning’s unprovoked diss, she ended up giving the classiest response by dancing to “HELICOPTER” herself. After Fu Yaning’s team performed their cover, Yujin went on to say “It was powerful and bursting with energy.”

| Mnet

Unsurprisingly, the harsh and unexpected diss went viral among K-Pop fans after it was previewed on Mnet. Since then, many people have meme-ified the line, continuing to repeat it on social media—and Yujin’s fellow CLC member Sorn isn’t happy. In a recent live broadcast, she called on people to stop using the line and explained her thoughts on the situation.

CLC’s Sorn | @sssorn_chonnasorn/TikTok

Sorn started by admitting, “I’m really used to all these negative comments because there’s so many haters out there apparently.” However, she went on to ask fans to think of how Yujin would feel seeing the diss repeated over and over—especially given how hard she’s working to make it to Girls Planet 999‘s final lineup.

| @sssorn_chonnasorn/TikTok

But think of what my member who is on that show would feel if she knows that this is what is happening on the internet while she’s working her ass off on the show trying to make it over there.

— Sorn

Sorn went on to say that Yujin is going through “so much” as a contestant on the survival show. She added that while the words may not affect Yujin as much as they affect Sorn herself (given that Yujin isn’t fluent in English), “Humans are not stupid… we see it.”

| @sssorn_chonnasorn/TikTok

Imagine how much that affects her.

— Sorn

Ultimately, Sorn told fans watching her broadcast, “I would really appreciate it if you guys would stop using that line.

Over on social media, Cheshires agreed with her sentiments. While Sorn didn’t mention the current status of the group, many feel that the situation is exacerbated by Yujin’s recent revelation that Cube Entertainment will no longer be supporting CLC’s activities as a group.

| Mnet, iQIYI

The company said the team [CLC] would not have any more activities.

— Yujin

Fans went on to say that the line shouldn’t be used as a joke at the expense of Yujin and the rest of CLC. In the meantime, Sorn and her fellow members have been vehemently supporting Yujin’s journey to possibly re-debut with loving messages on Instagram and Twitter.

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