CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa Reveals Everyone In The Army Wakes Up To TWICE’s Song Everyday

He revealed that TWICE was his greatest strength while in the army!

CNBLUE‘s Jung Yonghwa finally finished his military duties and was officially discharged from the army! At his discharge ceremony, he was greeted by a mass of media and fans who were desperate to know more about his military life.


During the interview, Yonghwa was asked the famous question of which girl group was his greatest strength during his service. He confessed that he thought about the question a lot.

I did think about this question. I asked my comrades, ‘I know this question will come up. What do I say?’

— Jung Yonghwa


He smiled as he answered, “TWICE“! He then revealed that all of the army woke up and fell asleep to TWICE’s song!

I think I like them because we woke up everyday by listening to that song.

— Jung Yonghwa



He unfortunately didn’t name which song, and there are so many hit songs to choose from! But many netizens believe that it has to be TWICE’s “CHEER UP”, which is famous for brightening up anyone’s day no matter what!

Source: OBS


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