CNBLUE’s Lee Jung Shin Reveals His Ideal Type And His Desires To Have Children

Someone get this man a baby, stat!

CNBLUE‘s Lee Jung Shin is making headlines for a very honest confession he made on a show he recently appeared on.

On the January 6th episode of MBC Every 1‘s program, South Korean Foreigners, Lee Jung Shin of CNBLUE made a guest appearance. The bassist for the band is set to turn 30 this year (American age) and naturally, shared his dream marriage life that he would like for his future. He first shared his ideal type with the viewers of the show.

Still from “South Korean Foreigners” | MBC Every 1

I would like to meet a wise woman.

— Lee Jung Shin

Not long afterwards, the CNBLUE member took it a step further by sharing his plans of wanting to be a father.

Still from “South Korean Foreigners” | MBC Every 1

If we have children, I would like to have two.

— Lee Jung Shin

To his shy but shocking confession, the host Kim Yong Man savagely responded with, “well then you should probably start dating”. The host continued on with the topic by asking Lee Jung Shin what behavior of a woman makes his heart flutter The CNBLUE member responded with, “when a woman looks at me for a long time, I get a bit flustered.”

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Let’s be real, who wouldn’t want to stare at you Lee Jung Shin? Meanwhile, the three members of CNBLUE made headlines back in October of 2020 when it was revealed that they had all renewed their contracts with FNC Entertainment. After their successful contract renewals, the group came out with their eighth mini album titled, Re-Code.

Source: Nate