CNN Chile Claims Jonghyun Was Addicted To Alcohol and Drugs

CNN Chile released an article about Jonghyun’s death, where they wrote that he was addicted to drugs and alcohol.

“The 27 year old’s suicide revealed the singer’s tough fight against depression and solitude. The suicide was influenced by an alcoholic addiction and drugs. This is a clear case of the high competitive nature of this business.”

A screenshot from an archived copy of CNN’s original statement regarding Jonghyun’s death. The article has since been edited.

After fans pointed out error, CNN Chile quickly edited their article to remove the section about alcohol and drug addiction. It was replaced with a section emphasizing his aversion to drugs and alcohol, but noting that several of his colleagues have had addiction issues.

“The K-Pop star’s career started in 2008. He quickly became one of the most significant artists of this genre. Fans saw him as someone who was just a singing, dancing figure. Someone who was far from the vices of alcohol and drugs, unlike the other artists in his field of business.”

The text in it’s original language, as it now stands on their website after CNN’s edits.

The article was published on December 21 and was left unedited for weeks until fans brought the error to attention.

CNN Chile has not issued a statement or apology for their error.

Source: CNN Chile

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