Comedian Being Accused of Raping Underage Woman Says He’s Innocent, If Allegations Are True He Will Kill Himself

The comedian is claiming it was a mutual relationship.

After a victim came forward accusing comedian “Lee” of raping her when she was a minor, Lee has stepped forward himself and claiming his innocence.

The legal age in Korea is 19-years-old, so the victim was an underage minor at the time of the attack.

In an interview, Lee is claiming that their relationship was mutual and that he was unaware that she was a minor. He even went so far as to say, “I would commit suicide if I had done something like that.”

He went on to say that he was introduced to the victim through an acquaintance. They exchanged numbers and kept in contact with each other.

“I feel that the feelings we shared were the feelings shared between men and women who naturally meet.”

ㅡ Lee

He then stated that if he would have known she was a minor he would never have kept in touch with her.

“I did not even think she might be a minor. If I knew she was, I would have been an idiot to keep meeting her.”

ㅡ Lee

Lee continued by saying that the victim threatened to blackmail both him and their mutual acquaintance.

“The victim wanted to borrow 10 million won (~ 9300 USD) from our acquaintance. When the acquaintance turned her down, the victim threatened to report him for sexual harassment. On February 28, a day before the article was reported a person who claimed to be her lawyer texted me and said, ‘You raped a minor, so you can be sentenced to a lifetime in prison. Will you come to a monetary agreement? If you don’t we will sue you and release an article.'”

ㅡ Lee

After the victim’s lawyer contacted Lee stating that they would sue him and release the article if an agreement wasn’t reached, Lee, in turn, consulted with his own lawyers.

“So, I consulted with my lawyer on the same day I received the text message and we plan to sue for defamation and intimidation.”

ㅡ Lee

Lee’s finally stated, “I Intend to take strong legal action from now on, but I have already suffered irreparable damage as a celebrity.”

Source: edaily

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