Comedian Kim Gu Ra Shares The Reason Why He Paid Off His Ex-Wife’s Million Dollar Debt

What an incredible man.

Comedian and television host, Kim Gu Ra‘s recent confession is making headlines.

Comedian and television host, Kim Gu Ra | OSEN

Kim Gu Ra recently appeared on SBS‘s My Ugly Duckling where he shared a very personal story. Kim Gu Ra was at a small gathering with Tak Jae HoonKim Joon Ho and Lee Sang Min and it was here that he talked about his former wife’s massive debt.

The comedian confessed that while he understood that it wasn’t his responsibility, he was unable to ignore it due to his strong moral compass.


I know it wasn’t my financial obligation. I paid it off for her because of my moral compass.

— Kim Gu Ra

Television personality Tak Jae Hoon asked Kim Gu Ra if it was out of consolation, to which the comedian responded that it was not.


It wasn’t a compensation or something out of consolation. There was just a lot of different reasons behind the property division.

— Kim Gu Ra

Kim Gu Ra previously divorced his wife of 18 years back in 2015. The messy divorce became publicized when the comedian was hospitalized due to a panic disorder. It was later revealed that Kim Gu Ra suffered through his panic attack due to the stress caused by his wife’s ₩1.70 billion KRW (about $1.52 million USD) debt.

Kim Gu Ra and his wife at their wedding | MBC

At the time of the divorce, Kim Gu Ra made a statement revealing his decision to continue to help his ex-wife pay off her debt, and it looks like he was able to keep his promise.

Source: Insight