Entertainer Kim Gu Ra and his wife divorce after 18 years together

Through his agency Line Entertainment, television MC and comedian entertainer Kim Gu Ra has confirmed with the media that he and his wife have divorced.

“After a court appointed mediation today, my wife and I have agreed to finalize our divorce after 18 years of marriage,” he stated.

Kim Gu Ra continued, “It’s true that in the last two years and four months, our family fought and had a lot of problems. However, as we continued to fight, we were getting close to hurting one another. Through our separation, we underwent three months of counseling. Eventually, we acknowledged the difference between us and have decided to end our relationship as husband and wife, and concluded that we will continue to focus and do our best as parents and raise our son, Dong Hyun.”

In the statement, Kim Gu Ra reveals that their son has done relatively well through the difficult situation and that he is grateful and sorry towards Dong Hyun, also known to the public as MC Gree (1998; 18 years old).

“Dong Hyun will continue to live with me until he becomes an adult. We have decided to respect the decisions of Dong Hyun. And I will also continue to pay off Dong Hyun mother’s debts.”

According to Korea Times, Kim Gu Ra’s now ex-wife has accrued 1.8 billion won in debt, or $1.5 million USD.

In December 2014, Kim Gu Ra was hospitalized for a panic disorder and briefly went into hiatus to recover.

Kim Gu Ra is expected to continue his appearances on television. To TV Report, Kim Gu Ra said, “It’s not true that I will stop my broadcasting activities because of the divorce. I plan to continue my broadcast activities under my current programs.”

Kim Gu Ra married his now ex-wife in 1997 and the following year, she gave birth to their one and only son Kim Dong Hyun the following year.

Source: TV Report and Korea Times