Comedian Lee Kyung Shil Reported To The Police For Her Comments Toward Lee Je Hoon

“Criminal” sense of humor?

Actor Lee Je Hoon recently guested on the SBS radio program Cultwo Show to promote his new K-Drama, The Taxi Driver 2.

| @leejehoon_official/Instagram

But things got out of hand when comedian Lee Kyung Shil made an explicit comment about the actor’s body on air. While Lee Je Hoon was talking about the strict diet he had to follow to achieve the ripped physique he has on the show, the comedian pointed out his chest and said, “You could drip water down his chest. Drink that holy water. It’s a whole new water filtration system.”

Comedian Lee Kyung Shil

Lee Kyung Sil (top left) and Lee Je Hoon (bottom right) on “Cultwo Show.” | OSEN

Fans of Lee Je Hoon, as well as K-Drama fans in general, were uncomfortable with the comedian’s comments and called her out on the internet. Though some gave her the benefit of the doubt, stating that she is stuck in her outdated sense of humor, the consensus was that she crossed a line, and badly so.

Korean Comedian Under Massive Fire For “Sexually Harassing” Actor Lee Je Hoon On Live Radio

However, one individual, in particular, has decided to take the matter to the state. According to reports, a student from Yonsei University reported comedian Lee Kyung Shil to the police on February 19. They filed a complaint citing Article 12, Obscene Acts by Using Means of Communication under the Punishment of Sexual Crimes act.

A person who sends another person any words, sounds, writings, pictures, images or other things, which may cause a sense of sexual shame or aversion, through telephone, mail, computer or other means of communication, with intent to arouse or satisfy his/her own or the other person’s sexual appetite, shall be punished by imprisonment for not more than two years or by a fine not exceeding five million won.

—Article 12, Punishment of Sexual Crimes act,

Both the comedian and the actor are yet to comment on the issue. Since the controversy, SBS has removed the clip from YouTube and their official website.