Comedian Park Dae Seung Receives Prison Sentence For Installing A Hidden Camera Inside Women’s Washroom

He’s going to jail.

Comedian, Park Dae Seung, who turned himself in back in June for illegally installing a hidden camera in the women’s washroom of the KBS‘s Yeouido broadcasting center, received a prison sentence for his crime.

Regarding the weight of the offense that was committed, the court stated,

The defendent broke into the washroom to install a camera and filmed women changing or going to the washroom. The filming continued over a long period of time, and the number of victims is very high.

— Seoul Court

The court continued,

It’s highly likely that there will be criticism for filming the private lives of fellow colleagues, which should’ve been protected. And if the faces of the victims were to leak out, the damage would be unrecoverable. The victims now have difficulty changing or going to the washroom. For that reason, the defendant cannot avoid severe punishment.

— Seoul Court

As a result, the court sentenced Park Dae Seung to 2 years in prison. In addition, Park Dae Seung will be required to complete 40 hours of a sexual violent treatment program.

Park Dae Seung was charged for filming women changing and going to the washroom with a hidden camera from October 2018 to April of this year.

It was also revealed that Park Dae Seung committed the same crime 15 times in May and even carried 7 illegal videos on his personal phone. But as soon as the hidden camera was discovered, Park Dae Sung turned himself in to the police in June.

Source: Dispatch