Reports Reveal The Alleged Identity Of The Gagman Who Installed A Hidden Camera Inside Women’s Bathroom

Reports claim he’s the culprit.

Earlier reports revealed that a hidden camera was discovered inside the women’s bathroom at KBS‘s Yeouido broadcasting center. The police were immediately called, and it was later revealed that a gagman turned himself in as the culprit.

Reports leaked particular information of the gagman but did not directly identify him. But the YouTube channel, called Horizontal Vertical Lab (direct translation), identified the culprit as gagman Park Dae Seung.

The YouTube channel is run by a lawyer and two former reporters. They held a live video where they revealed that Park Dae Seung was the gagman who installed a secret camera in the women’s restroom.

Despite the accusations and malicious comments, Park Dae Seung did not make an announcement. Instead, he turned all of his social media accounts to private.

When KBS was contacted to confirm the culprit’s identity, they revealed that they were unable to make a firm statement.

The situation will need to be confirmed by the police. We can’t confirm it from our side.


Park Dae Seung is well known as a hardworking comedian who after 11 years of preparation and auditions was finally able to debut with KBS. Park Dae Seung and the police have not confirmed or denied the accusations. Fans left supportive messages to Park Dae Seung, promising that they will support his innocence until he says otherwise.

Source: Sports Chosun